Samhain (Halloween) Ceremony

Celebrate Halloween by creating your own ritual, inspired by the ancient Celtic tradition of Samhain. Here are details of how we celebrated in our house!

Gratitude for Food: A Practice to Give Thanks Before Each Meal

Before sitting down to eat the food prepared in front of me, I pause, take a breath, and silently give thanks. For me, this is part of a spiritual practice, but there is longstanding research on the numerous benefits to practising gratitude regardless of spiritual beliefs/faith – being grateful makes you happier, healthier and more mindful over time. Here is my most common form of gratitude

How to Relax: Shifting Plans and Moonlit Canoeing

I climb back to the rocks (no barnacles!) and a meditation enters my mind. 

Inhale: Sun fills every cell with love and light
Exhale: All worry flows into the rocks 
Inhale: Thank you for filling me with love and light
Exhale: Thank you for taking all my worry
Once again, learning to accept things as they come, not pushing to have things go the way I planned or imagined. Open to the flow of easy come, easy go, relaxing into the river of abundance without expectation or a white-knuckled need to control how it looks or when. (Ahhhhh what an easier exhale. SO much pressure taken off!)

My daily mantra this year (no matter how I fight it): I trust your process, and I trust your timing. 

Red Pyramid

I peer down the dark, narrow channel and start counting my breaths…