Money has been one of my greatest spiritual teachers, and I love sharing all that life has taught me about this essential topic. For years I’ve used this site to share my travel learning, and after requests from friends, family and the wider community to write more in-depth information about money, I decided to create this course and host it here on my existing site, sharing all I know in one convenient place. Learn more about me.

Organized into 13 mini-lessons delivered straight to your inbox, this course includes real life stories and tried and tested actions, plus practices to really integrate the learning, including meditations, journal cues and tarot card spreads.

What This Course Is All About

For many of us, our relationship with money is a restrictive one; it instills fear, controls our decisions, and curtails our dreams.

By healing our relationship with money and re-meeting it as one of the many tools at our disposal, we can begin to take back our lives, creating more freedom, ease and generosity with ourselves and those around us.

This course is a 13 month, self-paced journey. Each month, you’ll receive a new chapter of insights, activities, and practices to heal your relationship to money. Reflection, meditation and tangible action will all be a part of each month’s unique invitation to transform a part of our complex and deeply ingrained connection to wealth and abundance.

There will be no set homework; no falling behind. You will have access to all previous lessons so you can explore at your own pace, and you will join a community of open-hearted people walking the same transformative path as you. There will be many opportunities for questions, discussion, and sharing your own insights; you can engage as much as you choose, as your time and personal commitments allow.

We will take a deep dive into your personal connection to money, and all the opportunities, fears, baggage and prosperity it can connect you to.

Join us on this journey towards freedom, flow, and abundance.


Topics will include: 

  • Valuing your gifts – earn the money you deserve for sharing your talents
  • Breaking negative patterns – identify the underlying myths and beliefs around money, passed down from family, school or culture, that guide or limit your relationship to wealth
  • Foundational knowledge – learn to confidently use financial tools, including tracking, budgeting and investments
  • Using money as only one of the many resources at your disposal – recognize the myriad of tools available to achieve your dreams
  • Orienting your life towards joy – discover what will foster long term happiness, and create more time and energy to do the things you love
  • Sharing your wealth with others – encourage abundance to flow to everyone around you.


You’ll also join a community of learners, connecting through:

  • A private Facebook group dedicated to your own sharing – connect as much or as little as you choose, exchanging insights, sticking points, successes or surprises inspired by the course content
  • Special guest content – highlighting personal experiences in creating a nourishing relationship to money

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