IMG_6858Joy for me is: a long day of hiking; singing in harmony; free-form dancing; freshly prepared food; and talking about spiritual practices and lessons with anyone who’ll indulge me.

I’ve travelled to 28 countries so far, meeting incredible people through couchsurfing, choosing walking and biking travel when I can, and learning enough of the language to communicate (however brokenly) with the people of that place.

I practice and teach kundalini yoga because it heals and sustains me. I love the reverence, the whimsy, the deep spiritual connection and complete rewiring of my nervous system that occurs in every class.

There have been times in life when I’ve had no money at all, when our family of 6 had less than $500 to our name and were forced to move across the country to start fresh. There have been times when I’ve been obsessed with and miserly about money, and times when I’ve been generous beyond measure. And there have been times when I’ve had enough to do everything I wanted in total freedom.

Money, work and travel have been my greatest spiritual teachers, which is why I share the lessons from those areas on this site: through a 13 month course on money and through my ongoing documentation of daily lessons on my blog.