Cape Fife and Sleeping Beauty Hiking

I pick up my housemates visiting from Calgary and we leave immediately for a 10 km hike out to Cape Fife, locally reputed to be a vortex, a place of high energy and myth.


The logged forest looks so different from the places I hiked down south, small trees filling the gaps of long gone giants.

We cross a bridge camouflaged into the forest, the whole thing feeling like a fairy glen. IMG_8058

And the moss!


When we reach the beach, we set up camp as close to the shore as we think is reasonable with the tides, but quickly realize our tents won’t be swept away by the sea, but by the wild wind.


We make the walk of shame back to the forest, then make curry on the beach as the sun sets.



Washing dishes is a wet affair

We hike back in the morning, canoe all evening, then wake early to hike another 10km straight up the side of the mountain we’d admired from the water – Sleeping Beauty.


Even in the early morning, it was so hot that we hiked half naked, but the cold breeze and unreal views at the top compensated for our efforts.


The very top reminded us of the hike to Machu Picchu in Peru.


And lots of moss stole my attention.


Tara scaled a tree on the way back down.


It never ceases to amaze me how beautiful this place is.


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